Prismatic Overmolds

So recently, MVP released something they teased a long time ago. Proton rims for their Axiom line of discs. This was very exciting, but there were initially concerns about if the disc lost its Gyro tech because the plastics were the same.

Well, I decided that I needed to cut these up and figure it out, and as I was originally writing this post up, the Axiom Wrath in Prism Rim/Plasma Plate was announced, so I decided to wait to do a double feature of the discs. So I have some bad news.

Not-so-bad News: The Wrath has the same gyro as a single-mold.

Bad News: Both Prism discs have lost their Gyro tech.

Worse News: The Insanity has less gyro than an equivalent single-mold

Below are the weights of both discs and the percentage that weight makes up. I also included a Plasma Insanity to compare it to the normal Insanity, and a Infinite Discs Sphinx which has a similar flight to the Insanity. Also a Trace from a previous article.

Disc Rim Plate Rim % Plate %
Prism/Plasma Wrath 112g 49g 69.6% 30.4%
Prism Insanity 111g 60g 64.5% 34.8%
Trace 127g 48g 72.6% 27.4%
Plasma Insanity 124g 43g 74.3% 25.7%
Sphinx 119g 54g 68.8% 31.2%

Just looking at these numbers, we don’t really even have to do density tests. You can see how much less of a weight displacement they have, where even if there was a tiny bit of Gyro in the overmold, it was long cancelled out by the plates and lower weights.

And look at that Prism Insanity, the plate weight is INSANE. That is so much weight in the plate, and I can feel the thickness. I measured the plate, its upwards to 2.3mm. A standard plate is 1.5-1.7mm.

If you notice in the pictures above, they tried to add something to the rim to make it heavier (the hazy blue), but it just wasn’t enough.

So there really isn’t much more to write for this blog. I leave some final observations below.

  • Proton and Plasma have similar densities, or at the very least, Proton density is too low for a proper overmold weight.
  • The reason the Wraths are only in 158-161g, so they didn’t have to do the same thing as the Insanity and load it up with plate weight.
  • These are by no means bad discs. They will just be less stable than their normal counterparts, that is all.
  • With so much weight in the Insanity plate, it was much thicker, and sooooo much harder to cut out. I spent 10 mins cutting it out and my hand was sore. That stuff is nearly indestructible.
  • If they added any additive to the Proton, it will probably become hazy and less clear, killing the effect.
  • I now have a pipe cutter, so its easier to do cross-sections cuts. I also have graduated cylinders, so I can do water based density measurements. But its pretty easy to just get Mass + Volume now that’s accurate.
  • I wonder if they will make any changes for the Prism Pyro.

Cover picture from MVP Fan Page by Tim Suess